Tuesday, 6 May 2008

FPS and RTS rankings of May

(out of 10)

Will S. Dwight: 10
Brent Schroder: 10
Nolan Ward: 10
Beau Edwards: 9
Eric Wang: 8
Alex Yang: 8
Michael Berry: 2

Nolan Ward: 9
Eric Wang: 9
Beau Edwards: 9
Alex Yang: 7
Brent Schroder: 6
Will S. Dwight: 4
Michael Berry: 2

Final Say: Nolan Ward, Beau Edwards, and Eric Wang are all good choices if you want to have a good all-around group. Will Dwight, Nolan Ward, and Brent Schroder are excellent at FPS, and Nolan Ward, Eric Wang, and Beau Edwards are good at RTS. Michael Berry...well he needs some improvement.

*Note*: You skill level can only go up. Keep on trying bub!

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