Monday, 2 June 2008

Lookin' Ahead: Starcraft 2 Sum-Up

Quick Play:
Sequel to arguably the greatest RTS game of all time.
Gameplay: 10/10 Hello? Blizzard here.
Multiplayer: 9.5/10 BNet kicks ass, but if you're gonna revamp it, there are probably some kinks stuck there
Graphics: 9.5/10 Stunning quality and realism; is it the Crysis of RTS games?
Campaign/Singleplayer: 10/10 We're expecting another great campaign and story
Long Lasting Appeal: 10/10 Starcraft is 10 years old, and is probably more played than the Halo series (whoa!) Starcraft 2 has better graphics, new shit, and a totally new multiplayer server. Hmm, you do the math.

Overall: Sure noob, get RA 3. The real prize is here babe. 9.8/10

Lookin' Ahead: Red Alert 3 Sum-Up

Quick Play:
The Russians have done it again! Only this time they screwed up and made Japan a kick-ass empire. Good job Kaputnik, good job.

Gameplay: 9/10 Dude. It's a Red Alert game.
Multiplayer: 7/10 Good, but nowhere near SC baby!
Graphics: 9/10 They seem great, but not Crysis...and considering the series has been around longer than SC, you'd expect them to be way ahead of SC 2's graphics, but (><) Campaign/Singleplayer: 8/10 The story is great...but will it top the original RA's? Long Lasting Appeal: 7/10 People will be more interested in SC 2. Sorry EA! Overall: RA 3 may seem sweet for a while...until SC 2 comes out. D'oh! 8/10

Lookin' Ahead: Spore Sum-Up

Quick Talk:
Spore is a game about evolving and creating civilizations. You design your own beast and buildings and weapons.
Gameplay: 9/10 Probably will be sluggish at times, but pretty good overall
Multiplayer: 5/10 The idea of having other people's animals in your galaxy seems cool, but the 'mayhem' is lost
Graphics: 9.5/10 Not Crysis, but awesome cartoony- art catches your eye
Campaign/Singleplayer: 10/10 It's gonna be a ball making your slug into a fish...with three arms...
Long Lasting Appeal: 6/10 The minus of multiplayer ultimately ruins its long lasting appeal.

Overall: C'mon guys. It may look hot but ask yourself, "Am I gonna play this a year later?" 7.9/10

Sum-Up Rubric

Each sum-up will have these five traits:
Gameplay: der der der
Multiplayer: Is the online mayhem even fun?
Graphics: Pretty colors...
Campaign/Singleplayer: Not everyone can afford internet
Long Lasting Appeal: Will I play this game in twenty years?

Each score will be out of 10.